Waterproof flooring is right for you

When you hear the term, waterproof flooring, you might automatically assume it’s not the right flooring choice for you. Most people who go the extra mile with flooring that’s waterproof, are those that live in areas quite prone to flooding. Or so you assume. Why else would you get waterproof floors?

Actually, there are more reasons than you might think. If you haven’t given much thought to the idea of having these types of floors in your own home, maybe it’s time to think about it now.

In fact, Marion's Carpet & Flooring Warehouses has flooring professionals standing by to answer all your questions. We proudly serve the areas of Portland, Beaverton, Vancouver and Lake Oswego, with a showroom located in Portland, OR. Stop by anytime to see our full line of waterproof flooring.

What can waterproof flooring do for you?

You may not be in an area known for flooding, but there are still plenty of instances where you might wish you had had floors that were waterproof. Take, for instance, your laundry room. Do you know what would happen if your pipes burst, or your washing machine drain backed up? More than likely, you’d be finding new flooring at some point in the near future.

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Durable and stylish floors

The truth is, this can happen in any room of your home that has water pipes. It’s especially worrisome in the winter months when temperatures can dip down to freezing without a great deal of warning. And if you’re not ready, you’ll have a flooring emergency on your hands.

Worse still, are any of these situations that happen while you’re away from home. If you travel, take extended vacations, or even just go away for the weekend, especially in the winter, can you be sure your home is completely safe against water emergencies?

Waterproof flooring gives you peace of mind

Waterproof flooring can do the one thing no other flooring can, give you 100% peace of mind. In fact, if you choose a flooring that has a 100% waterproof rating, taking on severe flooding of any kind will be no big deal. In most cases, you can simply take the flooring up, make sure it’s completely dry, and put it right back down again.

It’s true that waterproof floors are a bit more expensive than other flooring types. But isn’t your complete peace of mind worth it? We think so! And we think you will too, once you’ve given waterproof flooring a chance.