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Laminate flooring and installation in Portland, Oregon

At Marion's Carpet & Flooring Warehouses, we extend our vast inventory to include a wide selection of laminate flooring options. Read on to learn about different types, the installation process, and cleaning tips!Hardwood flooring is some of the most lasting and affordable flooring for your home. Using the right flooring type, brand, and installation process ensures these beautiful floors will last for years. At Marion's Carpet & Flooring Warehouses, we have knowledge of all brands in the Portland area and the expertise to answer all of your flooring questions.

Laminate flooring types​

The first thing to understand is that laminate flooring is simply several layers of material fused together and sealed. To categorize it, you can think of it in terms of material composition. Various kinds of stone, wood, tile, and synthetic materials are used, creating many combinations. Beyond that, buyers can choose from a number of stylistic options, such as gloss, finish, smoothness, and texture. Finally, laminate flooring can be divided into installation categories.

Brands offered

  • Godfrey Hirst
  • Metropolitan Hardwood Floors
  • Mohawk
  • Pacific Mat
  • Shaw Floors
  • Kraus
  • T&A Supply Company
  • Wanke Cascade
Laminate floor care in Lake Oswego, OR from Marion's Carpet & Flooring Warehouses
There are several ways to install your floor. Different products will generally be designed for a specific installation type, so make sure you understand the process before installing your floor. The different processes are as follows:

- Floating Installation - This is certainly the most common way to install laminate flooring today. A foam underpad is first placed on the raw floor. Then, the installer puts the flooring on top of it, clicking pieces together. In this way, the laminate "floats" on the underpad.
- Glue Installation - This is a bit more expensive and time consuming than the former option, but it has the benefit of being sturdy and permanent. This may be done on top of an underpad or the previous floor material. Glue is placed on the surface, and the new material is carefully fitted on top.

Caring for laminate floors

It's important to take some basic steps to make sure your laminate flooring lasts long and maintains its finish. First and foremost, make sure to clean regularly with a soft brush or damp mop. A more thorough cleaning should be done less frequently; you'll find a variety of cleaning products specifically designed for laminate floors. Make sure to clean up spills promptly, and avoid dragging furniture.

Feel free to browse our selection of laminate flooring options below, and call us anytime for assistance!

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