What carpet fibers are trending?

What carpet fibers are trending?

Right now, polyester carpeting seems to be trending the most. There are, however, four other fibers that are very popular.

Why polyester is trending

Polyester is non-absorbent, making stain resistance inherent. All carpets, however, have some protection. When polyester is treated, the stain resistance goes through the roof!

Polyester is also less expensive, making it a preferred choice among the building trade and homeowners.

It?s best for moderately busy rooms. Feel free to come into our carpet store to see an assortment of fibers that can stand up to kids, pets, and the heaviest foot traffic.

Nylon accounts for 50% of all carpets

Nylon is the most durable manufactured carpet fiber. It is ideal for heavily trafficked areas like stairs, halls, and active family rooms.

Known for ultra strength, this has superior resilience. Resiliency is a carpet's ability to bounce back into shape after compression, such as footsteps.

We know how vital excellent stain resistance is. When nylon is treated with a protectant, stain resistance is perfect, and there are also solution-dyed versions that enhance stain resistance and protect against color fading.

This floor covering is suitable for large, active families with kids.

Other popular fibers include:

Triexta, a newcomer to the market, already has a reputation for strength and permanent stain resistance built into the fiber. As a result, many spills can be removed with just hot water instead of needing spot cleaning.

Olefin (polypropylene) is budget-friendly, stain-resistant, and mainly associated with looped contractions such as Berber. On the other hand, wool is natural, durable, soil-resistant, and pricey.

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