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How to choose hardwood flooring styles that will enlarge a space

If you have a room that?s a little on the small size, and would like to renovate it in a manner that makes it appear larger, you can certainly do so with the right types of hardwood flooring. Whether it?s a reading nook, hidden alcove or a recess in a room, this is truly a common scenario. But, don?t worry; selecting the best hardwood flooring installation can indeed create quite the visual impact. To give you an idea of what might work in your home, here are a few tips from our Marion?s Carpet Warehouse showroom experts in Portland, OR, that will make any itty-bitty place look positively spacious.

Opt for darker plank shades

When it comes to decorating a room, many homeowners believe that brighter colors will automatically make an area seem bigger. However, this is a common misconception, and it?s actually the opposite that?s true. Dark hardwood flooring like oak, walnut, or Brazilian cherry is what expands a room, but only when used as a contrast to cooler accents. These accents can be wall colors, moulding, trim, and ceiling colors, as well as d?cor.

Place hardwood flooring diagonally

Placing slats diagonally creates a pattern that draws the eye away and into the distance of a room, thus giving the impression of greater depth and size. At the very entrance of the room, you?ll want the widest section of the pattern facing you. This visual trick sends a message to the brain that tells it the space it?s looking into is larger than it actually is.

The wider the plank, the bigger the room looks

Always choose the widest slats possible for smaller spaces, as doing so also creates an impression of depth. The room will essentially look bigger, because the planks are wider.

The key? Consistency.

Consistency throughout your home when it comes to hardwood flooring, is the true key to the appearance of ample space. If there is too much shifting from one type of planks to another, then the eye takes notice of the harsh breaks in design fluidity. Should there be a possibility of doing so, keep the type of planks flowing from one space to the next. However, if you can?t, then try to select complimentary colors, so there isn?t such a drastic change from one area to the next.
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