hardwood flooring installation

Will hardwood flooring work in my bungalow?

Yes! What many may not realize is that there is such a wide assortment of different species, colors and even main types of hardwood flooring, that it?s easy to find something to suit every atmosphere.

The hardwood medium shades are popular with those who have the bungalow atmospheres, because of their quirky knots and raised grains. A light-colored installation might be for you as well, because they give a light and airy feel, but even the dark colors, like mahogany, so often seen in more traditional homes, might work too, depending upon the other colors in that room.

Anyway, you?ll end up with a warm, elegant look that?s suitable for any style.

The staff at Marion?s Flooring Superstores says many of the same questions usually come up about hardwood flooring, so they?re here to address them. They are:

?Are wood floors suitable for installation anywhere?

Yes, but there are two kinds of hardwood and one flooring might be more appropriate than the other, depending upon the room in which it?s to be installed.

Solid hardwood shrinks and expands to adjust to the weather; it can also be damaged by excess water. It?s, therefore, never recommended for high moisture, humid rooms, or anything below ground level, like basements.

Engineered hardwood, while real wood, has a construction different from solid. Being layered, the fibers cross over each other, offering more stability and water-resistance. It can be used many places where solid cannot, such as basement levels.

?Is it durable? Yes, and some species, like oak and maple, are tougher than others. Be sure to tell your retailer if you have kids, pets, or heavy foot traffic. By the way, take good care of it, and you?ll have it for decades.

?What if my hardwood gets wet? Wipe spills immediately. Remove any wet objects. Use a wet vacuum to soak up excess moisture, use fans and dehumidifiers and, weather permitting, open the windows. It?s also a good idea to disinfect the flooring to inhibit any mold growth. Be sure to talk to your retailer for suggestions.

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