hardwood flooring

Why You?ll Love Hardwood Flooring in Your Portland Home

Sometimes you just have to get back to basics, so here?s a Hardwood Flooring 101 Guide as to why you?ll love it.

The pros at Marion?s Carpet Warehouse compiled this just for you.

Hardwood flooring is an excellent long-term investment for your Portland home. When you look at the overall picture, you?ll see that wood flooring is really quite cost-effective.

First, it lasts for decades, and we?ve even heard of some instances where it lasted more than 100 years.

Second, unless there?s structural damage, there?s little or no replacement needed. Usually all it takes is a refinishing, especially since most scratches are in the veneer, and refinishing costs a lot less than total replacement. No worries if you get tired of looking at the same color floor either, because you can always have them sanded and stained to something else.

Third, whether or not you?re planning to sell, know that home buyers will often pay up to 10 percent more, for a home with these floors.

A hardwood flooring installation is versatile, and makes your home look great, whether it?s traditional, contemporary or cottage-style. There are so many wood species from which to choose, you?ll never be at a loss. Also, keep in mind that some have wonderful undertones, such as red, orange or brown, and you can coordinate them with furniture, accessories, even window scenery, to create drama in your environment.

They?re strong and durable. These floors are all strong, but some species are super hard. And, yes, they can stand up to pets; just keep those nails trimmed, or use mats or area rugs where the animal will be spending a lot of time.

They?re easy to care for. A sweep or damp mop will often do the trick. For more thorough cleaning, use a manufacturer-approved cleaner and avoid excess water, or those shiny, waxy products.

They have better acoustics. Ever wonder why music studios always seem to have these floors? That?s because they do reduce the vibrations, hollow or clicking sounds that can sometimes occur with other floors.

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