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Why You Should Understand Hardwood Flooring Undertones

When you?re remodeling, one of the first things you should think about is color, because you want to be sure the walls, floor and furniture are well coordinated and balanced.

It?s not always that easy, because it?s just not the surface color, but also the undertones, which aren?t always obvious in the hardwood.

That can change the whole look of a room. For instance, green isn?t just green. Lime green, has a lot of yellow and is warm; Kelly green has blue tinge, and is cool.

Your flooring installation, whether reddish brown or slate blue gray or others, will decide your choice of walls, upholstery and accessories.

Marion?s Carpet Warehouse is going to give you some tips to make hardwood flooring, which is already pretty gorgeous, make your Portland home go ?Pow!!?

What is an Undertone?
Simply, a color is made by mixing two or more hues together. For example, the simplest gray is a mixture of black and white (the mass tones), but it could possibly have a third color in it (the undertone), which isn?t readily apparent.

So you may want a dark wood flooring and you select mahogany, which can be reddish-brown. That means the mass tone is brown, and the undertone is red.

The best way to go about this is to purchase an inexpensive color wheel (you can get them for around $20.)?If you don?t pay attention, the room will seem ?off?, unbalanced and clashing.

Other Color Tips to Keep in Mind

Mix, Match and Coordinate. Not everything has to match completely, as long as they work well. Combine different shades of wood, or if your flooring is a a cool color, warm up the room by painting the walls a warm tone that works well, or even create an accent wall painted red (warm) to go with your cool gray floor.

Lighten the room without changing the floor. What we mean by that is you might have very dark hardwood flooring that you love, but the room seems terribly dark. Lighten it up with a few soft pillows in beige or white.

Distract with color: If your hardwood is damaged, you should absolutely consider refinishing but, in the meantime, use a few pops of color to draw the eye away from the damage, and on to the color.

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