When is stretching necessary in a carpet installation?

When is stretching necessary in a carpet installation?

A carpet installation adds elegance to a room. It also gives you that warm, comfortable, cushiony feeling underfoot?which we all love.

Carpet?s durable and built to last. Depending on quality and care, it can last up to 20 years (or even more). But, as it ages, you may notice some things that might make you think it's time for a replacement.

Don?t replace, but stretch!

Over the years, and especially with heavy foot traffic, carpets can begin to wear down and loosen from the underlying floor. As a result, you might see lumps, wrinkles, or rolls.

The result is carpet flooring that looks unsightly and presents a safety hazard by tripping people.

Tightening and straightening: the carpet stretching process

First, the installers will take a close look to identify where the problems are. Then, like any soft surface installation, they'll place tack strips around the area.

Tack strips are wooden pieces with prongs that hold the rug in place. Using a long metal tool with prongs, the installer will forcefully place the rug against the wall and secure it.

Advantages of carpet flooring

1.Style: Expect to see a large variety of designs and styles when you enter our carpet store in Wilsonville, OR, or Portland, OR. You'll also see hypoallergenic rugs and kid-and-pet-friendly versions.

An example is Natural Artistry with Mohawk's SmartStrand Silk fiber. It's available in 40 colors. SmartStrand was tested extensively?even in a zoo cage?before entering the US market.

Another example is Karastan's Brilliant Details, available in 10 colors.

2.Noise reduction: No more footsteps, beeping devices, or muffled conversations.
3.Improved indoor air quality: Pollutants get trapped in fibers and taken out of the breathing zone.
4.Safety: Good traction and cushion to soften falls.

Visit our carpet store for your flooring needs

At Marion?s Carpet & Flooring Warehouses, we have a carpet flooring inventory that includes over 500 rolls of broadloom, 500 remnants, 500 area rugs, and 100 different patterns. When looking to remodel your flooring, our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right thing for your decor, needs, and budget.

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