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What?s trending in carpet installation techniques?

Some techniques are gaining in popularity. Others, like the carpet installation, will remain a go-to for decades. Read along to learn more about the carpet installation techniques that are trending.?

The stretch-in: Always highly sought after

This is always used in residential rug installations. It's quick, a half-day at most, and efficient.

First, the installer places tack strips with nails around the room's perimeter. Next, padding is placed inside the square, then the soft surface floor covering is stretched over and affixed to the tacks.

The installer should always use a power stretcher. This is a long tool with tines at the end.

Power stretchers will help the carpet flooring to be placed tightly against the wall. Knee kickers, much smaller tools, should only be used for small areas, like closets. Most warranties require this.

Pre-and-post homeowner requirements

Preparation eliminates delays and surprise invoices. The room should be measured accurately, considering baseboards, moldings, and door sills.

An improperly measured room does not have enough material, which causes ordering delays. On the other hand, too much material creates waste.

The room needs to be empty. Then, find out who does what, such as moving furniture, disposing of waste, checking the subfloor, etc.?

We encourage questions at our carpet store in Portland and Wilsonville, OR. The more, the better!

Post preparation includes asking when furniture is moved back in. Also, ask when it's okay to walk on it. They're sometimes two different timetables.

Also, ask about problems like shedding. Often they're not a manufacturer defect but a typical result of a new carpet installation.?

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