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Three Reasons Why Hardwood Flooring is Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that hardwood is the most environmentally friendly flooring type available?

Yes, that?s right. When you include wood as part of your flooring and decor, it works well with any environment, from the most traditional, to ultra-contemporary and urban loft. Coordinate it well with wallpaper, upholstery and accessories, and you?ll bring out those amazing undertones that will give your home the Za-Za Zoom!

It?s not just a pretty face, though, because when hardwood flooring is included in the design plan, the residents of Portland will know they?re doing something good for the environment, and we know how important that is here.

Classified By The USDA as Carbon Neutral
This is a big deal, because it means simply that when something is ?carbon neutral,? it leaves no carbon footprint; things that can be harmful to the environment. In fact, many businesses strive to achieve a zero carbon footprint.

When something is carbon neutral, it releases its carbon dioxide into the atmosphere where plants turn it into oxygen, and use it to grow.?It?s all a balancing act, so hardwood flooring can be your installation of choice.?Interesting to note, the younger the tree, the more oxygen it produces.

Two Other Reasons the Environment Loves it

?It is sustainable, and that means it can meet current needs (i.e., you wanting this floor in your home), without harming the future (it will not cause deforestation. First, the raw material, trees grows twice as fast as they are harvested; it takes a tree 50 to 60 years to reach maturity, but if the floors are properly maintained, they can last even longer. We?ve heard of some that last even 100 years.
?It doesn?t take up much space in a landfill. Because these floors last for such a long time, and because the only raw material that?s really needed is the tree, there just isn?t much waste to go into a landfill. If a tree does end up there, it?s biodegradable anyway!

Learn about how green we are! Come into the Marion?s Carpet Warehouse showroom in Portland, so we can tell you more.