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Three carpet installation tips

You will love your new carpet flooring. But, as many of us in the flooring industry say, installation is as necessary as the product itself.

We couldn't agree more. Here are three ways you can be sure your carpet installation looks terrific.

Prepare well

Avoiding this step can cause delays?and extra money?in the long term. Ask questions so you know who's responsible for what. You don't want any surprise bills!

Ask the installer about the subfloor; what happens if it needs repairs? Should windows be open? Who removes the furniture?

If walls need painting, does the installer prefer that it be done before or after the carpet installation?

Will the room be professionally measured? The professionals will know how to measure correctly, adjusting for door sills, baseboards, moldings, etc.

The wrong measurement will result in over-ordering (waste). Alternatively, it can also result in under-ordering, which will create delays.

Hire a professional to do the job

Professionals have the expertise to install quickly and efficiently. In addition, they can spot potential problems and handle them if they happen.

They know how and why to use specific tools. The result will be a smooth, tight carpet installation that will look great and perform well for a long time.

After the carpet installation

Inspect before the installer leaves. Ask questions as to when furniture is moved back in.

Does the installer have care tips? Also, ask when you know if something's normal (like shedding) and when it's a manufacturer defect.

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