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The basics of carpet care: A simple, condensed guide that takes the complexity out of caring for soft surfacing

When you have carpet floors, it?s essential to follow the proper maintenance guidelines to ensure your installation remains beautiful for years to come. Not only will caring for your soft surfacing enhance its performance, but it will also extend its lifespan, allowing you to enjoy it for a long time.

Cleaning specifications and warranty

Whether you hire experts to clean your carpet installation or you opt to care for it yourself, you must nonetheless read the maintenance instructions and check its warranty. Typically, as most carpet installation services will tell you, soft surfacing requires specialized cleaning every 12-18 months.

The essentials of caring for soft surfacing

The following is what you should be doing to enhance your carpet floors and make sure they?re well maintained.

  • Vacuum traffic hotspots twice a week ? Don't forget to read the manual to double-check which vacuums are approved for your installation as well as maintenance instructions.
  • Avoid fiber indents ? Prevent furniture from permanently indenting your fibers by rotating large and heavy pieces frequently.
  • Schedule regular deep cleaning ? Book professional cleaners for a deep steam treatment, especially in high traffic areas, every 12-18 months.
Avoid these fiber flooring foibles

Aside from letting you know what you should do to care for your installation, we?re also going to tell you what you definitely should avoid!

  • Don?t use products that aren?t approved ? If you?re thinking of using a cleaner that?s not on the ?safe list? for your flooring, just don?t! These products could have cleaning agents that could permanently damage your fibers. Honestly, it?s just not worth using them.
  • Don?t use sketchy cleaning methods ? The manufacturer label and maintenance guide clearly state how you should clean your floors. Therefore, make sure to stick to those methods to avoid voiding your warranty.?
Carpet installation service

At Marion?s Flooring Superstores, we simplify what?s often seen as the complicated process of caring for your carpet installation. When you get the right information and advice about carpet floors, then you?re able to make a very well-informed decision about what installation to get for your home. Considering a carpet flooring installation? Come visit our Portland, OR showroom to view our vast assortment of surfacing options. Serving the Beaverton, Vancouver, Lake Oswego, and Portland, OR regions, you?re assured excellent service from our showroom professionals.