Hardwood Flooring Installation in Portland, OR from Marion's Carpet & Flooring Warehouses

Should I hire professionals for my hardwood flooring installation?

Yes. Your installation is as important as the product, and while it's always tempting to save money, it's always best to hire professionals. They have the specialized tools and knowledge to make your hardwood flooring installation smooth, seamless, and flawless?all of which ultimately protects your investment.

Here?s what to expect ? first, the measurement

The first step in your wood flooring installation is measuring. Our team of professionals will come in and create an accurate square foot measurement. They also add about 10% to account for overage, such as waste, and for you to have some leftover in case you need it. Remember, our professionals will account for baseboards, door sills, and closets.

The estimate

The estimate is sometimes done when the measuring takes place or later, back at the shop. The estimate will be detailed and account for everything from product to installation and even to disposal and moving of furniture. Of paramount importance is to ask for baseboard removal and reinstallation, as well as any needed subfloor repairs.

Third phase: delivery and acclimation

Talk to our experts for exact details on acclimation when shopping for hardwood flooring in Portland, OR.

Acclimation for solid and engineered floors is done three to five days before the actual installation. Opened boxes are left in the room to give the wood a chance to adjust to the moisture and humidity levels of the room.

The final phase: the hardwood flooring installation

Solid hardwood is always done with the traditional tongue and groove/nail down. Engineered wood floors are nailed, glued, or installed as a floating floor where the pieces click, mat, and then hover over the subfloor.

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