hardwood flooring

Putting your mind at ease about hardwood flooring choices

Some homeowners are a little overwhelmed at the idea of shopping for hardwood flooring, especially if it?s their first time doing so. However, we want to assure you, you are not in this alone. With just a little bit of expert advice, you can have the floor of your dreams much sooner than you might have thought possible. The even better news is that you?re not likely to ever have to shop for new flooring again. Wood flooring can easily last up to 100 years or more with proper care and maintenance, and we can help with that as well.
Believe it or not, there are actually many different types of hardwood flooring available to you. In addition to having the option of either solid or engineered wood flooring, you can also choose from many different species as well. These include oak, hickory, birch, cherry, pecan, and acacia, just to name a few. They also come in a variety of thicknesses, widths, colors, and finish types, so personalizing that perfect look is easier than you might think.
You?ll need to know that solid hardwood flooring can never be installed below grade in spaces such as basements. This material also has to be acclimated to your specific environment as well, a process that can take as little as one day or as many as three days. Most of all, however, a professional installation is the final step that assures your flooring will perform exactly as you want and need it to. Our associates will be able to further explain when you visit us.
At Marion?s Flooring Superstores, we take flooring seriously. Armed with an extensive collection of amazing materials and products and more than 50 years of experience, you?ll not only find exactly what you?re looking for in flooring, but you?ll also find it at an exceptional value. Once you?ve chosen the perfect floor covering, our installers will work hard to make sure they?re installed to your exact specifications. To make sure we?re on the same page, we?ll schedule a professional consultation along with estimates that allow you to know exactly what you can expect. Stop by our showroom in Portland, OR today to find out more.