carpet installation

Preparing for a Carpet Installation in Your Home

You should understand that carpet installation is actually a form of construction, and should be viewed as this type of project. There will be strong smells and more noise than usual, which is a normal part of the procedure. Because of the nature of the project, it?s important to keep small children and pets clear of the area where flooring is being installed, for safety concerns. Also, if anyone in the home struggles with allergies due to dust and airborne allergens, they might want to vacate the area altogether until the project is completed.

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The Details in Carpet Installation

When the day arrives for your carpeting to be installed, you?ll want to make sure the area has proper electrical access. Many of the tools and other pieces of equipment that will be used are powered by electricity, and must have the proper outlets to be plugged into. It?s also a good idea to make sure the heat or air conditioning has been set to a specific, comfortable setting, for at least 24 hours prior to the installation.

Make sure that all breakables have been removed from walls, or from the tops of any larger pieces of furniture that will need to be moved. Some homeowners prefer to move their own furniture to a secure location, to assure that the process is not only completed as quickly as possible, but also because they are more comfortable with knowing exactly how their furniture is handled.

Someone who is at least 18 years of age needs to be on site for the entirety of the installation process. They should be able to act as someone who can make spur of the moment decisions, should the need arise.

Once the installation process is completed, make sure you do a walk-through with your installers to inspect the carpet. If you have any questions or concerns, this is a good way to address them immediately, which can help put your mind at ease if anything seems off.