hardwood flooring Portland

Portland Hardwood Flooring As an Investment

Hardwood flooring in Portland is a lot of things. It?s durable, timelessly elegant, versatile and has an incredibly long life span. However, one thing that many homeowners don?t consider, is that hardwood flooring is actually an investment in the future. We?re going to look at that in more detail.

Marion?s Carpet Warehouse knows how important your flooring is to you. It?s not just your floor, it?s a part of the very essence of the home, and something that sees daily use. We want to make sure that your experience is a good one, by helping you choose the perfect floor covering for all your needs. If you have questions or just need help deciding the best route to take for your own floors, feel free to stop by our showroom located in Portland, OR, where a flooring professional will be standing by to assist you.

Hardwood Flooring in Portland for the Long Haul

We consider wood flooring in Portland an investment, in more ways than one, and we think you should too. However, there are two main ways to consider this. First, this floor covering is one that is likely to last for a hundred years or more. That means you?re not going to be replacing it in a couple of decades. You may need to have it refinished in that amount of time, and after doing do, your floors will look brand new all over again. In essence, you?ll be saving whatever other homeowners might spend in replacing their flooring at least three or four times.

Another way in which these floors can be considered an investment is that they add value to your home on the resale market. Because of the many benefits that come along with this material, it is one that is highly sought after by those in the market for a home. Most all real estate agents will tell you that homes that come with wood floors not only sell faster, but for more money than homes that do not have them.

History proves the excellence of these materials. From the time it was first used as a d?cor element in 1683, it has undergone many changes. In the ?40?s, there was a massive boom in the hardwood business which continued into the 1950?s, when wood was selling at a rate of a billion feet per year. With the abundance of both domestic and exotic species, it?s still one of the best investments you can make in your home.