New carpet installation in a Portland, OR home

Nylon vs. polyester carpet fibers

When shopping for carpet, one of your decisions will be about fiber since they affect both appearance and performance.? Nylon and polyester are the most popular fibers and, while both are good choices, the selection will ultimately come down to your needs and budget. Here, from Marion?s Carpet Warehouse, your carpet store in Portland, OR, is a rundown of the two's differences.

Strength and stain resistance impact your carpet installation

Everyone is probably familiar with the ultra-strength of nylon. Much of that durability comes from the fiber?s resilience, the ability to snap back into shape after compression like a footstep.? Nylon itself can be absorbent, but the solution-dyed version bakes the color into the fiber during the manufacturing process, resulting in fewer open dye sites for spills to enter.? This gives it less tendency to stain.

Polyester, while less resilient, has superior stain-resistant capabilities.? This is because it?s hydrophobic, meaning it doesn't absorb, resulting in an inherent ability. It can also be a little less expensive.

Keep in mind, however, that there are different quality levels for both nylon and polyester. Other versions can make them stronger and even more eco-friendly, so they must be of equal quality when comparing two carpets.? For example, a high-grade polyester rug can outperform a low-grade nylon one.?

Stain resistance vs. soil repellency in carpet

Many of our customers use these terms interchangeably, but that?s not correct, and it's essential to understand the difference. With staining, liquid spills penetrate the open dye sites, leaving a blotch or spot; remember what we said about nylon's solution-dyed version?? With soiling, dirt and grime are usually tracked in, embedded (generally by foot traffic), and eventually can look like a mark or blemish.

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