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Make your carpet installation day a breeze with our expert advice!

After searching for carpet floors and visiting Marion?s Flooring Superstores to peruse carpet types and carpet padding, you?re likely going to find the perfect fibers with our professional assistance. The whole experience will be wonderfully exciting and exhilarating ? but that certainly won?t be the end of that! Next, your installation day will arrive. And, while you could just leave everything up to the team, there are indeed several things you can do in preparation which will make carpet installation service more efficient and smoother. Check out the following tips from our showroom professionals to make your big day a breeze!

Reduce allergen and dust transference from old carpet flooring

If your home originally had carpeting, reduce allergens and dust from escaping the fibers and flying haphazardly in the air ? creating a breathing nightmare ? by cleaning your fibers before the team arrives.

Clear the path for the truck

Homeowners who have a dwelling with direct street access can make it easier for the installers to get your new flooring and their equipment by clearing the path to the door. If it?s possible for the truck to back-up directly to your home, move obstructions out of the way. This will also allow the crew to remove your old surfacing without making too much of a mess.

Move furniture, d?cor, and window treatments

It can save a lot of time if you empty the room that will get the carpet installation service. Remove anything that?s on the walls like pictures or d?cor, window treatments or curtains, and furniture. The crew will be able to get started right away if no time is spent moving things around.

Protect your home from everything that?s happening

You may also want to protect everything along the path from the front door to the room that?s being renovated. You can use cardboard or plastic sheets, as long as the material isn't slippery underfoot. Secure the sheets to the floor securely so it doesn't shift around while walking on it. As well, if any tight spaces may end up scratched or dented, consider covering these spots with paper or plastic sheets too.?

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Your carpet will be installed in no time if you stick to our helpful hints to prepare your home. The faster the installers start and finish their work, the faster you?ll get to enjoy your new flooring! For a great ?carpet store near me,? we can help you with all types of flooring at Marion?s Flooring Superstores!