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Is every carpet installation the same?

Carpet flooring is a superb choice for various remodeling, with stunning colors and fiber choices to fit your needs. They're great for d?cor matching, performance, and lifespan, bringing an experience you'll appreciate for years.

We are often asked about installation procedures and whether all carpets are installed similarly. Here are some facts that will help you understand the installation process better.

Basic installation requirements

Subfloor preparation is the first thing that happens when preparing for any installation. The surface should be flat, debris-free, and ready for the flooring of your choice.

This means adding tack strips along the area's perimeter to be floored for carpet installation, which holds the carpeting in place. Once everything is in place, the installation begins.

Carpet installation necessities

A few specialized pieces of carpet come with an underpadding already attached, but this is rarely the case. Instead, the underpadding is always installed before the actual carpet for comfort, protection, and a longer lifespan for whatever carpeting you choose.

As we install the carpet, we must connect seams and stretch the material for the best fit. Excess carpeting will be trimmed and removed for the perfect carpet installation for every room.

All carpets are installed similarly, with only a few minor differences. For instance, different transition strips are necessary depending on the flooring in adjoining rooms.

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