Carpet installation in Wilsonville, OR from Marion's Carpet & Flooring Warehouses

How do I factor in the entire cost of a carpet installation?

In general terms, always plan for a separate cost for the product and installation. But then, you also need to account for other possible fees, such as padding, disposal, adhesives, etc.

You will receive an itemized bill from us, including every detail of your carpet installation.

Installation = Labor costs

Product cost is simply a sales invoice. Installation is labor, which includes measuring, possible furniture removal, and ordering. Installers also need to install or replace baseboards.

You can be sure that our in-home estimates are accurate. Unlike most companies that send salespeople to do them, we send the installers. This way, we can talk to the customer about their goals and challenges.

Why is professional measuring so important?

While saving money is a universal desire, accurate measuring is critical. It can result in underordering (delays) or overordering (wasteful).

We consider measuring the most critical part of the process at our carpet store in Wilsonville and Portland, OR. Rooms aren't perfect squares; there are door sills, baseboards, closets, and bay windows?all of which need to be considered.

Why you should always hire a professional installer

The professionals have the skills and experience to spot potential problems. This allows them to either head issues off?or deal with them quickly if they occur.

They'll be sure it's a tightly stretched and fitted property. Translation: Carpet flooring without bumps, rolls, or jutting against the wall.

They also know the right tools and how to use them. For example, knee kickers and power stretchers do the same for a rug?but in very different spaces!

Here, you'll save money. Since it's their profession, installers pay wholesale, but you'll pay retail.

Why go anywhere else for your carpet installation?

You'll be pleasantly surprised when you walk into Marion's Carpet & Flooring Warehouses. Our family-owned company has the most extensive inventory in Oregon, the best installers in the industry, and superior services.

Visit us at either of our locations in Wilsonville and Portland, OR. In addition, we service Wilsonville, Beaverton, Portland, Vancouver, and Lake Oswego, OR.