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Hello, Portland: Five Reasons Why You Need Carpet Installation

Okay, we all know how beautiful carpeting can make a home look but, as they say, beauty is more than skin deep.

That said, Marion?s Carpet Warehouse is going to give you five reasons why you want, and need, carpet in your home.

1. High style. These days, there are so many colors and patterns from which to choose, you can find something to suit any environment, from the most traditional to modern and casual.

Also, remember that technology always creates evolution over time; remember the original shags of the 1970s? Those famous green, gold and brown hues probably pop into many minds, but since the early 2000s, there has been an expanded color palette --and this is one of the thickest, plushest, most comfortable rugs around.

2. It shields against noise. Sometimes those constant pings from devices, or the clacking of heels can drive us nuts, especially if we?re trying to concentrate. It can get even worse if we live in a public community, like an apartment building or townhouse, because we?ll also have to deal with noisy neighbors. Carpet acts as an insulator between floors and gives us a little quiet. That?s especially good for nurseries!

3. It insulates in both cold and hot. We all know rugs are warm in the winter, but what many don?t realize is that they can also hold cool air. That's why carpet works well in Portland, or anywhere else in the country.

4. A carpet installation is good for health. Dust, dirt, insect fragments (yuk, but it?s a fact of life, unfortunately) stay trapped in the fibers and stay there until it?s professionally cleaned, not vacuumed, because that alone won?t do the trick.

5. It can make the room look larger. Especially when it?s a wall-to-wall carpet installation, there?s no visual break, only a continuous, smooth line. That can make the room look larger; not to mention it can create another sitting place.

Still have questions? Come into the Portland, OR showroom at Marion?s Carpet Warehouse, and our experts can address any further concerns that you may have.