Hardwood flooring installation: Inlays and borders

Hardwood flooring installation: Inlays and borders

One of the reasons many choose a hardwood flooring installation is because of its design flexibility. You can inject various design elements, giving the floor personality.

Wood flooring has an allure that no one can deny. When an inlay or border is added, many things are "high-end," and it truly expresses your style.

Types of inlays

1.The medallion: The grain and color will determine the overall effect of the medallion.

Some of the most commonly used species and some basic information about their appearance include oak, known for a dark, tight grain. Birch and pine: birch is a little like pine but has more knots.

Other popular wood floor installation species are ash, which has a light texture and uniform grain, and maple, with a light color and subtle, fine grain.

2.Parquet: This design combines toned and grained woods to form geometric shapes. It creates a decorative mosaic effect.
Herringbone was the first wood parquet pattern, dating back to the 1970s. It's going strong once again.

Borders: the most common inlay.

Borders "frame" the floor and give it an opulent, luxurious look. Borders work exceptionally well in large rooms with ornate design elements.

They can be simple or more ornate, reminiscent of Greek revival design. Learn more at our hardwood flooring store in Wilsonville, OR.

Other benefits of hardwood flooring

1.Versatility. Wood floors work with any decor; have them sanded and stained when you need a change.
2.Real estate value-adding. You will recoup 70% to 80% of the initial cost, as reflected in your property values.
3.Easy maintenance. Dry mop and vacuum regularly. Wipe spills immediately and clean/polish every few months.

Visit us for your wood floor installation

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