hardwood flooring installation

Hardwood Flooring Basics You Should Know

If you have your heart set on hardwood, you probably already have a good idea of what you want. Still, there are some factors about hardwood flooring for your Portland home that you might not be aware of, and that?s what we?d like to share with you today. They say knowledge is power, so you can never have enough, especially when it comes to choosing the most perfect flooring covering.

Marion?s Carpet Warehouse has offered hardwood flooring as an option since 1983, and in that time, they have come to be synonymous with quality in the Portland area. Affordability is a big factor as well, and we continue to build our business around that. We invite you to visit us at our showroom in Portland, OR, to see how we can assist you in finding the perfect flooring for your needs and preferences as well.

Options and Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring is probably best known for its amazing life span, and furthermore, for its durability when installed and maintained correctly. It?s likely to be the last floor covering you have installed as well, which saves you loads of money over time. It can even make money for you too, should you decide to sell your home at some point in the future. Would-be homeowners are always willing to pay more for homes in Portland with hardwood floors in place.

While wood floors should never be installed in below grade spaces, it?s an excellent floor covering in almost every other area of your home. Specifically in living areas and bedrooms, you?ll find it to offer a timeless elegance that never seems to go out of style. It fits most major home decor trends and with stain colors that can be changed when they?re refinished, they?ll always catch up to the latest trends.

One of the things that gives these floors their long life span is the fact that they can be refinished several times. In fact, when others are considering brand new flooring, you?ll just be preparing for your first refinishing project. During this time, if you?d like a different stain color, or perhaps a brand new type of finish, it can be added with no problems, and very little extra time.

We will make a special note of the fact that hardwood flooring installation should not be attempted by novice installers. It?s simply not worth the risk, when you have a professional installation team at your service.