Portland hardwood flooring

For All Your Portland Hardwood Flooring Needs

By far, the most popular floor covering for many homeowners is hardwood flooring. Portland homeowners are certainly no different. No matter where your home is located, there are a few things that every homeowners looks for when searching for a new floor covering. Durability is a must, as is a flooring that can stand up to the specific needs of your family. Life span is also very important, because no one wants to replace their floors any more often than they absolutely have to.

At Marion?s Carpet Warehouse, we take customer satisfaction very seriously. We think our Better Business Bureau A+ rating shows how true that is. Having been in the flooring business since 1976, we have the experience to back up our ability to match homeowners with the perfect floor covering. In fact, we invite you to our Portland, Oregon showroom location to experience our service for yourself. We look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied Portland customers.

The Most Important Factors in Hardwood Flooring

We know that, when it comes to wood flooring, you want the most pertinent information right up front. We are more than happy to provide that. For instance, we can easily explain the difference in the different species in hardwood flooring, as some are much harder than others are. The harder woods are better suited for those busy families that see a great deal of traffic through their home on a regular basis. Soft woods can be placed in places like closets or bedrooms that aren?t frequently used.
Another important factor that must be addressed, is the hardwood flooring installation. Since this flooring has some very specific needs, the installation should be left to professionals. They will have all the necessary tools, as well as the experience, by having done the job multiple times before. Novice mistakes can cause much bigger problems, and wind up costing homeowners much more than they budgeted for in the first place. In this situation, more than any other we can think of, ?better safe than sorry? rings abundantly true!

So, if you are in the market for hardwood flooring in Portland, be sure to stop by Marion?s Carpet Warehouse. We will find out exactly what you want and need in a flooring, and then we?ll show you the materials best suited for those needs. We look forward to seeing you soon.