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Can hardwood flooring be installed over particle board?

Today, we?re going to review substructure materials for use in installations, specifically particle boards in a wood flooring project. Oftentimes, when carpeting is removed, a subfloor-type structure is left behind. Homeowners don?t always know what to make of it and may believe they do not require additional subflooring. However, in the vast majority of cases, what?s left behind after soft surfacing is removed is simply not sufficient for a plank installation.?

Particleboard ? What is it?

Particleboard, which kind of looks like oatmeal, is comprised of small wood particles that are glued and formed into sheets. These boards, which are typically manufactured in 4" x 8" sheets, are not suitable as a subfloor. Structurally, they lack the strength and height needed for a hardwood flooring installation. Manufactured as an affordable underlayment filler sheet, particle board typically is an added material initially used to adjust the height of the floors ? essentially, it?s a filler.

Why particleboard isn?t a good subfloor

Particleboard cannot hold nails appropriately because it is very brittle and tends to absorb excessive moisture. Thus, if it is present after having pulled up carpeting, your flooring experts will likely remove it to insert a material that can better affix a hardwood flooring installation. If it is left in, then the final height of the floors may end up causing a lot of problems, in particular with doors, trim, and appliances.

What kind of subfloor do I need for hardwood flooring?

In the end, your installation will require a strong, sturdy, and rigid subfloor that can support your planks. For a wood installation, the subfloor would ideally be plywood of 3/4? or thicker or OSB. Chipboard or particle board will not provide the necessary solidity for wood installation.

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