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Can carpet be installed over any floor?

Yes, carpet flooring can be installed over any subfloor, including tile, vinyl, and anything in between. However, there's one stipulation: The floor must be even so that the carpet will lie flat.

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Padding is what protects the rug!

While this installation is pretty undemanding, the padding is an essential element. The carpet will be exposed to the bare subfloor and foot traffic without it.

Some padding, however, might be too thick for a specific carpet installation; it can pull the rug away from the tack strips! On the other hand, the carpet won't absorb any impact or noise if it's too thin.

For most carpet styles, the ideal thickness is no more than 7/16-inch and no less than 1/4-inch with a density of 6 pounds per square yard. However, for Berber style or thin cut-pile carpets, the recommended thickness is 3/8-inch or less, with a denser pad of 8 pounds per square yard often preferred due to the carpet's more abrasive backing.

Using the wrong cushion won't just damage the rug. You might also lose warranty protections.

The actual installation

First, there's the preparation stage of the carpet installation. The installer takes measurements, inspects the subfloor, and makes needed repairs. Of course, you'll also ask many questions, such as responsibilities, extra fees, etc.

Then, the installer will place wooden tack nails around the room perimeter on the installation day. Next, the padding goes inside; the carpet flooring is stretched over and affixed to the tacks.

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