Add Pizzazz with Patterned Carpeting

When you visit our Marion's Carpet Warehouse showroom in Portland, OR, you'll quickly realize there's a seemingly never-ending array of carpeting choices. From light to dark solids, stripes to multi-color, it can certainly feel close to impossible to select the best carpet installation. Aside from color selection, there are other features to consider like thickness and pile, not to mention the degree of quality. Nonetheless, carpet in Portland is an excellent way to add pizzazz by way of patterned designs. Here's how!

Increase (or Decrease) the Size of Your Room

Use the drama of a design to your advantage, as the appearance of soft surfacing can either increase or decrease the size of your space. Indeed, it all comes down to color and pattern, so you may want to have a showroom expert help you with choice. Regardless of traditional or modern combinations, the ability to augment the look of a room does, however, depend closely upon furniture, furnishings, and natural lighting.

Widen or Elongate With an Optical Illusion

Stripes can be your best friend if you're in search of a pattern that widens or elongates a room, and it all comes down to stripe direction. Adding a touch of modern appeal, do be careful not to add striped carpet in Portland to a room that already employs stripes on furnishings or walls, the look will clash! Instead, add this dramatic, bold pattern in a space that needs a face-lift, a room that requires an element that stands out to inject some personality.

Downplay and Disguise

Kitchens or dining room, places that see a lot of spills or heavy traffic, benefit greatly from patterned designs. To downplay and disguise stains or dirt, you don't even have to choose dark colors; lighter patterns do a great job too.

Match Style

If your preference is antique or traditional decor, patterned designs are an excellent choice to showcase pieces from similar periods. So, feel free to display your antique collection proudly, contrasting it with an era-appropriate flooring motif.