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Amazing Deal or Big Scam? Don't Fall Prey to These 3 Scam Traps!

At Marion's Carpet Warehouse, we take great pride in our best-rated reviews, happy customers, knowledgeable staff, and high-quality carpeting. But when it comes to carpet installation, there's one thing that really upsets us: Scam carpet installation dealers. To ensure you don't fall prey to scam traps, we've come up with these 3 scenarios of how you can spot a disastrous situation, and avoid it altogether.

Scam #1: Paying for One Thing, Getting Something Else
While they may promise you one thing, you may indeed end up getting something else entirely different, and more of sub-par materials. In the warehouse, you saw one product, but received something else come carpet installation day. What's the deal with that! Whether they falsely claimed the surfacing had certain properties, or simply chose to give you an inferior quality product on purpose, you're left in a pickle of a situation.

Avoid the scam: To avoid being left with a different version of your carpet in Portland, ask to hold onto a sample. In doing so, you'll have proof of what you purchased.

Scam #2: The Ol' Bait-and-Switch
A rock-bottom deal is what hooks in homeowners in this scenario, enticing them to buy one thing, only to switch it up to an inferior level model come carpet installation day.
Avoid the scam: Price tag too good to be true? Then, question it! Read up on the typical costs and expenses, to avoid falling into this frustrating trap. As you can imagine, you can save yourself a world of headaches, by simply opting for industry professionals like Marion's Carpet Warehouse.

Scam #3: Over-Measuring
How could you possibly not notice someone over-measuring your bedroom? It's simple; these scam artists know what they're doing. With a little bit added here, and a little bit added there, you're suddenly marked down for 20% more than you actually need, which can easily equal around $1,000 extra!

Avoid the scam: Choose reputable, best-rated dealers to avoid this situation, those that have great online reviews, and a long list of satisfied customers.