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Waterproof flooring FAQ


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Waterproof flooring FAQs

If you're considering waterproof flooring for your home, you're sure to have plenty of questions that range from installation to maintenance and more. Today, we’d like to help you find some of those answers. Read along to see if your question is answered and if it’s not, feel free to contact or visit us for more in-depth conversations.

What is the lifespan of waterproof vinyl flooring?

On average, a correctly installed and well-maintained waterproof vinyl floor covering can provide a lifespan of about 20 years. The durability goes on to give scratch and stain resistance as well, so you’re covered in many ways. As with other types of flooring, there are plenty of options in this flooring line, and the better quality you choose in all areas, the longer your floors will last once they’re installed.

Are there any special maintenance requirements I should know about?

Most waterproof flooring is easy to clean, using only a vacuum and damp mop. You’ll never need to wax these floors, and they’ll look nearly new for many years. It’s important to remember never to use harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, or excess use of steam, as all of these can leave lasting and permanent damage in their wake.

Is waterproof laminate flooring really waterproof?

We understand that water-resistant and waterproof are two entirely different products, but you can now find both in the laminate flooring product line thanks to modern technological advances. These waterproof options give you plenty of opportunity for all the spaces in your home that harbor dampness and humidity. Be sure to ask your flooring professional about all the specifics of this product to understand better how it can serve you.

Does the core material make a difference?

You’ll want to choose between these products based on your requirements and where you intend to install the flooring. Stone plastic composite (SPC) is dense, rigid, and very resistant to dents and scratches. However, it is a bit noisy underfoot. Wood-plastic composite (WPC) is softer underfoot, so it’s quieter and provides a bit more comfort.
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At Marion's Carpet & Flooring Warehouses, we have showrooms in both Wilsonville & Portland, OR, to serve your flooring requirements. If you’re in the communities of Portland, OR, Wilsonville, OR, Beaverton, OR, Vancouver, WA, Lake Oswego, OR, Tigard, OR, Sherwood, OR, Newberg, OR, Hillsboro, OR, or Oregon City, OR, we invite you to stop by to view our selection for yourself. We’ll make sure you get waterproof flooring that meets your specific needs, no matter how large or small your project.