Carpet installation in a Portland, OR home

Your guide to carpet styles

Walk into The Marion?s Carpet & Flooring Warehouses carpet store in Portland, OR. You'll see hundreds of samples, all from different manufacturers with names like Karastan, Mohawk, Masland, Lexmark, Dixie Home, and Engineered Floors-Dream Weaver. We know it can be overwhelming to be surrounded by so much beauty, but some styles can be better than others for different types of home d?cor, based on their visuals and your requirements.

What is a carpet pile?

Pile refers to the yarn attached to the backing; all rugs start as a looped construction, with the loops attached to the backing much like a needlepoint action. Then they can be left as is, called a level or straight loop or cut into piles of various lengths. An actual cut pile has short, even threads that stand up, giving the rug a kind of fuzzy look. The third is the cut and loop construction, which is as it sounds; the variations of fibers result in patterns, such as geometrics, diamonds, and sculpted looks.

There are also carpet categories based on height variations, twists, textures, and distinctive patterns. For instance, the Berber-style is a looped pattern, but it has thicker yarns and a distinct pattern with brown and gray flecks on a solid, often neutral, background. The Saxony is a cut pile with longer, densely packed yarns, known for its soft, velvety and elegant texture, while the shag (often referred to as sheepdog rug) is a very high pile rug with long, loose fibers. Frieze is also a high pile, but threads are shorter than the shag and twisted so tightly they curl. Low pile rugs have short, tightly woven threads that are easier to clean and more durable.

Oregon carpet installation experts

Marion?s Carpet & Flooring Warehouses will help you find the best carpet style for your home. We have two showroom locations: Wilsonville and Portland, OR, and we service Wilsonville, Beaverton, Portland, Vancouver, and Lake Oswego. Ask about our free quotes.