Will my pet?s nails scratch my hardwood flooring?

Not if you keep them trimmed. Pet nails can be fine on hardwood as long as they don?t get too long. You should also avoid wearing stilettos on the flooring, as they can cause dents.?

When vacuuming, remove the beater bars first (rotating brushes) and of course, use protective pads if you?re moving furniture so it doesn?t cause scratching.

This kind of installation is easy to maintain but, like anything else, the better you care for it the better it will last.?

Keep in mind that wood can be damaged by excess liquid so use mats at entryways and maybe even in front of sinks.? If you polish, make sure it?s thoroughly dry when you?re done so nothing can seep between the planks.

That brings us to?

The two types of hardwood flooring

We all know solid wood.? It is, as it sounds, one big slice through the plank? That means the wood fibers lie parallel to each other, sort of like railroad tracks.

Another type, engineered hardwood, is taking a large share of the wood flooring industry. It appeals to people who want both beauty and practicality.

It is hardwood, so it adds value to your home.? It is, however, a little less expensive.

When it?s engineered, there?s a big slice of solid wood at the top.? This is sometimes called the veneer layer and it gives you the same classic beauty that you?d have with solid.? There?s a little manufacturing underneath that makes the construction more stable and better able to handle water.?

Layers (at least three, but preferably more) are created that combine solid wood with some resins.? They?re placed in a crisscross manner, so it makes the floor steadier.? It doesn?t move to adjust to the weather, and it can be installed even in below-grades areas, such as the basement.? Solid is not recommended in that room.

For more information, speak to one of our flooring pros at Marion's Flooring Superstore in Portland, OR.? They'll also tell you about our estimates.

Keep in mind, however, that even though it is better with water, no hardwood should be submerged in water.? Still wipe spills immediately and avoid installing this flooring in the full bathroom (known as the ?wettest room in the house). Half bathrooms are fine.