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Why White Carpet in Portland is the Latest Craze

Believe it or not, white carpeting couldn't be more popular right now. How could this be possible, you may wonder? Well, whether you have messy pets or crazy kids, there are several reasons why homeowners might want to reconsider a white carpet installation. Thanks to high-tech advancements, interior design trendiness and a sure-fire way to match anything in your home, white is now an outstanding alternative for homeowners. Read on for the big scoop from Marion's Carpet Warehouse experts in our Portland, OR showroom!

High-Tech Advancements Makes White Easier to Clean

While we understand that the notion of a white carpet installation may scare the pants off you, there's really nothing to fear nowadays. Sure, back in your grandma's day, opting for white surfacing was akin to a design death sentence! But, thanks to modern technological advancements in the industry, it certainly isn't anymore. Stop by our showroom to check out the latest fiber treatments, making it incredibly easy to maintain and clean white fibers without having to call in pro cleaners every few days!

White is a True Favorite With Minimalist Interior Designers

With interior designers, especially those into the minimalist look, white fibers are a real godsend. Though you can get an uber-contemporary vibe with pretty much any colored surfacing, it's just not the same without the sleek, pristine appearance of white underfoot. If you're not sure what style you want for your new redesign, consider the breathtaking beauty of wall-to-wall white for a show-stopping centerpiece. Honestly, with white, there's no need to pick a "look," just enjoy the vast expanse this lovely color provides.

Match White With Virtually Anything

Be it rustic chic or contemporary glam, a white carpet installation will match any decor you have in your home. When it comes down to it, white fibers create a blank canvas upon which to display your beautiful furnishings. In essence, your surfacing material is the backdrop of your home, while walls simply showcase your drapery and decor. With white, you can instantly change the look of a room or your entire home, rendering it a breathtaking expanse of light, crisp space. Gloomy bedroom? Tiny, dark nook? Go with white, and you'll be shocked at how much more open your area has suddenly become!