Mixed width hardwood flooring installation in a Portland, OR home

Why random width planks are so popular

Not so long ago, design trends were driven mainly by layout and, when it came to hardwood flooring, the rule was "the bigger the space, the wider the plank." Alternatively, the smaller, narrow room got the more compact board. Wider planks are trending today with their beautiful traditional and often vintage looks, as well as their ability to display better the knots, swirls, and other features that make a wood floor so distinctive.

That means the "narrow room, narrow board" rule is changing, as more and more and more homeowners are expressing their style with unique designs and more texture, achieved by installing random width planks.

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What, specifically, is random width?

Generally, people will combine three, five, and seven-inch or five, seven, and nine-inch wide planks, but other sizes can undoubtedly be used as well. They are installed in alternate patterns, creating unique designs that make the smaller room seem more airy and open.

With today?s assortment of species, finishes, and stains, a random width floor works with any design style, from traditional to contemporary, and has even met another design trend, that of wood patterns in herringbone, chevron, and parquet floors.

On the heels of an extensive design trend

Rustic decor is enormous right now, and many are looking to make their homes look natural, organic, and vintage. A great way to do that with a hardwood flooring installation is to select reclaimed wood and mix it up with boards of different widths. It also gives it that antique look, especially since historic homes from the mid-1800s are well-known for their wide-plank floors.

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