What to know about the floating hardwood flooring installation

What to know about the floating hardwood flooring installation

There are two versions of the hardwood flooring installation: solid and engineered. While solid is installed via the traditional tongue and groove/nail down, engineered can be installed via the floating floor.

Here?s what to know about that installation.

What, exactly, is a floating floor?

Floating floors typically have a similar clicking mechanism (but not exactly), like a tongue and groove. With this mechanism, pieces click, mat, and then are placed to hover over the subfloor. Again, no nails or glue are needed with this kind of installation.

Also, any subfloors, even concrete, are acceptable. However, they need to be dry, level, and clean.

Acclimate your floating wood floor installation

Engineered wood flooring is more stable and better able to handle water but should still be acclimated. Since the pieces aren't affixed to the subfloor, even the slightest movement can cause it to go off balance.

Floors are a significant investment in your home. When properly cared for, engineered hardwood can last decades, so protect your investment.??

Do I need an underlayment?

Underlayments absorb noise, provide structure and add cushioning. Some even absorb moisture. Some even come with one already attached.

For advice on the best one to use, please seek the direction of the experts in our hardwood flooring store in Wilsonville, OR, or Portland, OR.

Finally, how is it different from the traditional tongue and groove?

Solid wood planks have a tongue and a slot (groove), so they can fit together side by side. It forms one sheet, which the installer nails to the subfloor to secure it.

With click and lock, the pieces are bolted, so they're secure enough to install as a floating floor.

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