Patterned low pile carpet in a Portland, OR living room

What carpet type is best for your home?

A carpet installation should harmonize with your overall decor and style; it needs to be aligned with your room requirements, lifestyle, and budget.

Why the room is so important

When you walk into our carpet store in Portland, OR, you'll see hundreds of samples, all with a wide selection of colors, patterns, styles, textures, and construction. It's easy to be distracted by so much beauty but only focus on needs.

Every room and area has its priorities and challenges. For instance, the main goal of a bedroom rug is for you to step out on something warm and soft in the morning. It's also a reasonably low traffic room, so a high pile rug like the shag would be great with long loose fibers. However, if the bedroom is also used as a home office or gym, there's more foot traffic, and you might want to consider something else, preferably a Berber or cut and loop style, which is easier to clean.

Consider also how you plan to use the space. Living rooms, for example, can be either center of family activity or more formal areas used only for guests. Saxony Plush is elegant, luxurious, and works very well in traditional atmospheres but shows vacuum marks and footprints. Saxony Texture (also called "Trackless" because it doesn't show marks) is a better choice when the room has high traffic.

Stairways, safety, endurance, and easy cleanability

People and pets run up and down all day, and the rug needs to wrap securely around railings and the nosing, so people don't slip and fall. Unfortunately, any high pile rug wouldn't provide the necessary foot foundation, so the best bet would be some low pile or even construction-grade carpeting, which now comes in large color palettes, pattern collections, and high styles.

If you live or work in or around Wilsonville, Portland, Beaverton, Vancouver, or Lake Oswego, visit our showrooms in either Wilsonville and Portland OR. We?ll help you find the right carpet for your project, work within your budget, get you inspired and give you a free quote.