hardwood flooring

Want the latest 411 on hardwood flooring trends, Portland?

At Marion?s, our experts keep their ear to the ground when it comes to trends, because, after all, the place you buy your floors should be about a lot more than just selling product. You need advice on interior design, color balance, installation and more.

We know this area has always been a little ahead of the times when it comes to everything from environmental issues to design, so it?s no surprise you?d want to know all about flooring: Hardwood for the installation that will make your home sparkle.

Here are some of the things we?ve been hearing:

?Wide planks are the ?IT Floor? right now, since they?re big enough to show off those quirky knots and raised grains. Because these planks are so large, there are fewer seams, especially good for those homes with open layouts, because it looks like it just flows.

More plank also means you can see more undertone; little tinges of red, orange, yellow, brown, pink, slate blue or more.

Coordinate the floor with other colors, such as walls, accessories and window views, and you have a room with ?wow factor.? Tip: The Pacific Northwest has always been environmentally conscious, and the rustic look is hot right now; use that to your advantage and coordinate the floor if you have a window view full of green shrubbery and blue sky.

?White floors. This is a trend that isn?t expected to end anytime soon, and it?s the perfect match for this area, where guests are pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of the streets. Light colors in hardwood give the flooring, and entire room, a light, airy, contemporary, and clean feeling.

Light gray is especially popular; many have slate blue undertones. Also becoming more and more popular is oak, and that usually has yellow, caramel or honey undertones.

?Textures. Right now, wire-brushed trending--a lot.
Remember, there are two types of hardwood flooring
If you don?t want to be so concerned with the water issues associated with solid wood, you can always select engineered hardwood floors.

It is real wood, but it has a layered construction. While humidity and water can damage solid wood, this type is more stable and water resistant. Like solid, it?s available in a wide range of species and colors.

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