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Very Important Hardwood Flooring Facts for Portland

If you?re shopping for hardwood flooring in Portland, there are some important facts that you absolutely must know before shopping. Some of these might sound familiar, and some might not. However, Marion?s Carpet Warehouse wants to make sure you have enough information to fully understand the material you?re researching.

Your choice of floor covering isn?t a decision you will make lightly. It will affect your life for years to come, so a lack of information could be a potential problem. One that we hope to help you avoid.

Many Hardwood Flooring Facts and Options

There are so very many different options available in the area of hardwood flooring, that the process of choosing one in particular can seem overwhelming. It?s harder still if your lifestyle is busy, or if you happen to be environmentally conscious.

Solid wood floors will give you decades upon decades of elegant beauty, as well as durability that will stand up to some of the most extreme factors. The most important thing to remember about this choice is that it can be refinished several times. This means that you can not only erase years of wear and tear, you can even change things if your taste in d?cor has changed.

It?s also a great choice if you?re looking to avoid toxins, or if you need a floor covering that won?t trap allergens. Additional maintenance, including using a dust mop or vacuum, can also keep your floors looking great, while maintaining an allergen-free environment. They emit no harmful gasses and are actually carbon-negative in nature.

Another available option is whether to have your flooring come prefinished or unfinished. The prefinished version simply means that the wood has already been sanded, and has had a sealer applied at the point of manufacture. This coating usually comes in the form of about four coats of cured resin and allows for quicker hardwood flooring installation, as well as the opportunity to walk on the floor as soon as it is finished.

The unfinished choice means that all the finishing work must be completed on site. The sanding process can be a messy procedure, taking more time than the finished option. However, you will have many more color choices from which to choose, so the look will be truly unique once it?s finished.

If you have more questions about your Portland hardwood flooring, feel free to stop by Marion?s Carpet Ware, located in Portland, OR. We?ll be happy to assist you.