carpet in Portland

Understanding the Importance of Quality Carpet Installation

When it comes to the installation of carpet, we cannot stress highly enough how important it is to make sure that installation is carried out by professionals. There are many reasons for this, and we?re going to look at a few of them here today. It?s a step you?ll be very glad you took, and you?re about to find out why.

Marion?s Carpet Warehouse not only carries an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, we have also been chosen Portland?s best in flooring for over a decade. We achieved those accolades, because we put our customers in first place. We make sure everything we do fits your specific needs, and move from there with services and care as well. Whether you?re looking for the perfect floor covering, or professional carpet installation, we?re happy to be of assistance to you. In fact, you can get that process started by visiting us at our Portland, OR, showroom any time.

Don?t Try to Go it Alone

When it comes to carpet installation, some homeowners try to save a bit on their budget by attempting the installation themselves. We certainly don?t blame you for wanting to save money. However, in the end, this can actually cost you far more money than it saves. Simple novice mistakes, or not understanding the dynamics of such procedures as seam attachment or stair installation, can cause you to have to start all over with new product.

You might also have to invest in specialized tools that are extremely necessary to the carpet installation procedure. The odds of your using these tools again are slim, and it can be a waste to just leave them sitting in your garage. Our professional installers already have those tools, and stand ready to get your carpet installed.

Finally, we stress that some manufacturers will not warranty their product unless it is installed by professionals. So, for your carpet in Portland, it?s really the best option to allow our flooring installation professionals to be at your service for this important endeavor. Should something go wrong with your flooring after a few years, you want to make sure the warranty will be usable. It?s almost like purchasing insurance for your floors! Come see us at Marion?s Carpet Warehouse today for all your carpet needs.