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Three Ways to Keep your New Carpet Installation Looking Like New

Once all the hustle and bustle of a new carpet installation has died down, many people start to worry about how to protect their new flooring investment as much as possible. It's understandable, new floors don't come cheap, so you want them to last as long as possible, to avoid having to replace them.

If you know what's required, maintaining the like-new appearance of your carpeting is a snap. It really doesn't take much time or effort, and the benefits of putting in the work pay dividends in the long-run in, the form of a drastically increased service life for your floors, as well as increased functionality and comfort for your family.

So, how do you keep your carpets looking like new? Here's what you need to know!

Spring for the Spring Cleaning

With all of the rain here, carpet in Portland really takes a beating throughout the year. Water, outdoor grit, and mud are constantly being tracked into the house. These elements, if left unchecked, can really do a number on your carpeting.

One of the best ways to prolong the service of life of your carpets, is to have them professionally cleaned at least once a year. This will help remove any pollutants that are too deep for your vacuum to reach, and will also help combat the growth of mold or mildew deep down where it can't be seen. Sure, it costs money to pay the cleaners, but you'll save money in the long-run through the extension of your carpet's service life.

The Vacuum is Your Greatest Ally

It's important to frequently vacuum your carpets to avoid having built up soil and detritus from becoming ground into the depths of your pile. Gritty pollutants can act as erosive agents that degrade your carpeting, and any soil that might cause stains will be ground into the carpet, causing lasting long-term damage or stains.

If you really want to maintain the quality of your new carpet installation, it's important to keep up on the vacuuming between professional cleanings.

Floor Mats! Floor Mats! Floor Mats!

The best way to protect your floors from all the mess and trouble that can find its way inside, is by keeping it from ever coming in! Placing floor mats at any door that leads to the outdoors is a sure-fire way to keep things under wraps.

Place floor mats anywhere where anyone is likely to track something undesirable into the house, and consider a "No-Shoes Policy" to keep your carpets looking great for years to come!

Don't Have New Carpets to Protect Yet?

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