carpet store near me

Thinking of a new floor?

Thinking of carpet? We all want convenience and we all have our own definition of it. For example, I?m a brick and mortar gal only because I want to have my order the minute I pay for it; I?m not about to wait three or five days for something to show up.
Before you look in the phone book or start to google ?store near me,? know that it?s not just about just the number of miles you might see on Google Maps. Sometimes you?ll get much better quality and service, as well as easier access, than the place that just seems closest.
Marion?s, which opened its doors in 1965, boasts a large inventory that also includes hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, waterproof (WPC) and vinyl, all displayed in 40,000-square-foot area.
Think about these five things before deciding where to buy:
?How knowledgeable are they? While the number of years? experience doesn?t necessarily tell the whole story, there are always trends, construction, fibers, etc. on the market. How do they stay up-to-date and knowledgeable?
?How near is near? A store may only say ?5 miles? from your destination on a map, but some cities are sprawled out all over, with a lot of complicated detours and turns. It can turn your carpet excursion from a short trip to one that?s long, tiresome and frustrating.
?Do they include services? They should be carpet experts, who not only sell, but know about installation and maintenance. If it?s not installed properly, your floor is going to look pretty bad.
?Do they know about necessary accessories? Let?s talk about floor padding here, because while it?s invisible, it?s important to your carpet. Like the asphalt on a driveway, it sets the foundation, and keeps your floor looking great. With the wrong item, you?ll end up with wrinkles, bumps and rolls.
?What?s the customer service policy? Can you talk to a human? How long will it take for them to resolve an issue?
So you see, it?s not just a matter of looking for a destination to purchase carpet at a store ?near or close to me.?
For great quality and service, come to the Marion?s Flooring Superstore showroom in Portland, OR.