Soft new carpet flooring installed in a Portland, OR home

Simplify your upcoming project with our carpet installation checklist

Getting carpet floors installed is a great way to beautify a home, updating it with a modern makeover that will surely add character to any space. If you?re planning on residing in your house while the work is being done, then you may want to consider the following carpet flooring installation checklist suggestions to minimize disruptions for both your family and the carpet installation service team.

Make your life a whole lot easier with the following suggestions

Normally, it takes less than a day to lay down soft surfacing. However, the total time is indeed dependant on how many rooms you?ll be redoing or the size of the space. Your carpet installation service team will no doubt be able to give you a good idea of how long everything will take for your project.

Additionally, keep in mind you don?t be able to use the areas the team will be laying down wall-to-wall in, at least for as long as it takes them to install the surfacing.

In the areas getting the carpet ?

  • Contain debris and dust within the spaces by covering doors and vents with plastic.
  • Assure easy access to the room(s) for the workers by clearing a path, so they can bring in their equipment and bring out debris.
  • In the rooms that are adjacent to where the work is being done, cover furniture as well as floors ? especially along the workers? path.
  • Remove all items from nearby closets, bookcases, entertainment centers, cabinets, and other similar storage to make it easier to clean up afterward.
  • Relocate all breakables, such as valuables, antiques, wall hangings, mirrors, vases, and lamps from rooms affected by the renovation.
  • Disconnect and move computers, stereos, televisions, and other electronic devices.
  • Extension cords should be removed as well. Check for them along door casings, baseboards, and under carpets.
  • All furniture in the room that will get the installation will need to be temporarily placed elsewhere. You can move them to other areas of the house or rent temporary storage.

On the day the team is set to do the work ?

  • Ensure you are on the premises. Should an issue arise, someone may need to make a decision and direct the installers.
  • Rooms that are designated to be redone should have the temperature set between 60?? 80?F.
  • Children and pets need to be kept away from the work area.

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