Hardwood flooring installation in a Portland, OR home

Preparing for your hardwood flooring installation

Getting ready for your hardwood flooring installation is an exciting time. Knowing all the benefits and beauty you?ll get from these floors, and the extensive amount of time you?ll get those benefits is worthy of excitement!

There are even some things you can do that will help hasten the process. We want to go over some tips for you now that will help you and your installation team be better prepared for the process that lies ahead. And if you have any further questions, you can always contact Marion?s Carpet Warehouse for quick, concise answers.

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An excellent installation always begins with precise measurements. This allows your professionals to select perfect board lengths, even as they allow for a few irregularities. We?ll make sure to take exact measurements so we can get the perfect fit every time.

Moving furniture is the next big step. All furniture should be removed from the spaces where your brand-new hardwood flooring will be placed. It?s also a good idea to remove any hanging art or valuable, and any nick nacks on mantles or shelving.

Your wood flooring must be acclimated before installation, to assure that the moisture content between your new flooring and your existing environment is comparable. This step is the same, whether you choose solid or engineered wood flooring, though the length of time can change.

This process usually takes between one and three days, depending on your specific home and geographic location. We?ll be happy to discuss this step in further detail if you prefer.

Before the actual installation process, we will make sure that the subfloor is not only in good repair, but also adequately prepared for this material to be placed. Differences in subfloor material can often dictate different preparatory measures, and we?ll make sure to do the best job with your specific materials.

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