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Out of This World Carpeting Trends

Soft surfacing has come a long way since the bright orange shag fiber era of the 60s. In fact, you may not recognize this surfacing when you see the latest, out-of-this-world trends hitting the showroom right now. In our Portland, OR location, Marion's Carpet Warehouse on-site experts have had the pleasure of viewing some veritable epic designs in craftsmanship you won't believe. We certainly hope we've piqued your curiosity! Without further delay, let's check out a few hot showroom picks. You never know, they may inspire you to redo your whole house with a fine, new carpet installation!

Silver Speckled Fibers

Look no further if you've spent countless months in search of trendy, new-age carpet in Portland. Without a doubt, silver-speckled fibers will positively dazzle you with their space-age-like appearance. Now, while you may be imagining stainless steel spikes running throughout your home, the design of this surfacing is actually much subtler. Instead, picture your preferred color of fibers, then add a mild-to-moderate amount of silver speckles in the surfacing. Equal parts eye-catching and surprising, this option is honestly not as overwhelming to the eye as it may sound. However, it's certainly unique through-and-through.

Gold Fleck Strands
Along the same lines as silver speckled fibers, gold fleck strands have the same appearance but with a different overtone. The gold reflects light, bringing added brightness to a room. In smaller spaces, this creates something amazing, a pleasing visual display that opens up a room without having to knock down any walls. Not convinced? Well, remember, the background color comes in various combinations, so you can tone the contrast down a bit if you feel dazed by the sight. Consider marrying gold fleck strands with deep, brown shades to produce a warm look that's alluring, yet impressive in its modest tones.?

Long, Shaggy Twists
Yes, shag is back, but with a twist! Longer fibers paired with multi-directional twists make for one fantastically cozy surfacing that's also uber luxurious without being overly pretentious. Back in the day, shag was all the rage, and it seems that appeal has certainly returned in spades. The beauty of having this newer version is the combination of rich coloring and high-quality material. Forget crazy, over-the-top orange shag, and instead, envision a multi-toned, high-pile fiber with long threads that create an incredibly textured cushioning. With its slightly uneven surface, used to create a wonderful multidimensional aspect, you may just fall in love immediately!