Hardwood flooring installation in Portland, OR from Marion's Carpet & Flooring Warehouses

Make sure to consider your hardwood flooring installation needs

No one can doubt the glamor of a hardwood flooring installation. These floors add a touch of elegance to a room and come with many benefits, including added real estate value.

What sets us apart

Most flooring companies send sales staff to conduct the in-home estimate. We send the installer.

We can see the room in which installation is to take place and spot potential problems. Then we learn about your design goals and challenges.

To learn more, visit our hardwood flooring store in Wilsonville, OR, or Portland, OR.

On the day of the wood floor installation

Preparation is key when it's time for your hardwood flooring installation. Know that solid wood can take several days to install, so schedule accordingly.

Be sure there's proper ventilation. Also, consider securing pets, valuables, and important papers.

Engineered wood floors are faster and easier to install. They can be done in a half day; any remodeling is a disruption, so try to think of anything necessary.

Now that it's in

Here are some ways to take care of your wood floor installation.

1. Water is the enemy of solid wood.

2. Dust mop regularly, vacuum once a week, and clean and polish a few times a year.

3. Pets? Keep those nails trimmed!

4. Kids? Light floors tend to hide scratches, scuffs, and light-colored dust better. Dark floors hide stains, but they also show scratches.

5. Place mats at entrances and in busy areas.

6. Use protective furniture pads.

The area's flooring experts

Marion?s Carpet & Flooring Warehouses has been helping people turn their vision into reality since 1983. We?ll do that for you, too, whether your choice is a hardwood flooring installation, tile, carpet, etc.

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