Hardwood Flooring | Portland, OR

Is hardwood flooring for me?

Yes, it is if you want something with classic beauty that will add value to your home. Hardwood flooring does all of these.

Moreover, when the flooring is coordinated with walls, furniture, and accessories to bring out the wood's gorgeous undertones the resulting installation can be breathtaking.

Two types of hardwood

The biggest concern we hear about this flooring is how it can be affected by the rainy, humid climate of the Pacific Northwest. As you undoubtedly know by now, wood can be damaged by water and moisture.

There is another type that is more stable and can handle water better: engineered hardwood. The only difference is, as opposed to solid wood flooring, the construction. Rather than one slab throughout the plank, this is a sheet of genuine timber on top with at least three (but preferably more) layers of wood and other materials. They?re placed in a crosswise position which is what makes it so stable.

The top layer is sometimes referred to as the veneer layer, and that will give it the same beauty and undertones as any other hardwood flooring. Like solid, it can be refinished but unlike it, engineering doesn't need any acclimation before installation. Acclimation is the process of letting flooring material adjust to new conditions before installation.

Engineered is a little less expensive to buy and install than solid, but this is something you should discuss with your retailer.

What hardwood does for your floors:

?Increase your home?s value. Whether solid or engineered, you will recoup 70 to 80% of the cost, as seen in your property assessment. If you?re planning to sell, potential buyers will sometimes pay 2.5% more for a home with these floors--not to mention the homes just show better which makes it sell faster.
?Be cost-effective. When you look at the overall picture: increased value; little or no replacement; always staying in style, they are really quite cost-efficient. Think of these floors as an investment, not just a purchase.
?Be easy maintenance. Sweep with a soft broom or vacuum regularly without beater bars. Wipe spills immediately and place floormats strategically by entrances so people can wipe their feet. Also, use protective furniture pads when moving so as not to scratch the floors.

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