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Is Hardwood Flooring Eco-Friendly?

We know how important the environment is so, At Marion?s Carpet Warehouse, we?re going to address hardwood flooring, Portland.

Wood flooring is really a green choice. Back in 2008, the United States banned lumber that came from illegal sources, those place that didn?t manage forests responsibly. The best way to protect yourself is to ask your flooring pro from where the hardwood came.

Here are a few more examples of how hardwood flooring, Portland, is eco-friendly.

For one thing, it comes from trees, which are highly renewable, meaning that they just grow over and over again. Of course, some species grow faster than others, so be sure to ask your flooring pro about it.

Other reasons for it being eco-friendly include:

? Better indoor air quality. Trees are completely natural, so you don?t have to deal with off-gassing emissions.
? Needing less water and energy to produce than other flooring options.
? Lasting a long, long time, so you don?t have to keep replacing the floors.
? Ability to be burned or recycled, so it doesn?t end up in landfills.

Speaking of recycled, one of the best options is for you is to buy reclaimed wood. This wood has been recycled, taken from empty houses or office buildings. It?s been carefully cleaned, restored and refinished, so it can be pretty costly compared to new hardwood, but you?ll also know for sure that it?s authentically eco-friendly, and that the design is unique, because every single plank is different.

By the way, two of the most common reclaimed woods are oak and pine, both common tree species and often grown especially for harvesting; and both are sustainable hardwoods if responsible forestry management is taking place.

Of course, there are things you can do to make your hardwood flooring installation even more eco-friendly.


? How the flooring get from your supplier to your home. Some older vans can have high carbon footprints, which are often detrimental to the environment.
? How it will be installed. What products will you use? Any installation is sure to involve underlay or adhesive, so be sure to ask your supplier about eco-friendly options.
? How will the old floor be disposed of? Most cities have recycling centers, so find out about them so you can dispose of trash properly.
? Use ?green? cleaning products, not anything that can hurt the environment.

Come into Marion?s Carpet Warehouse in Portland, OR, so we can show you how to have something both beautiful and environmentally friendly.