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Is carpet installation possible over tile flooring?

As they say, sometimes it only takes a new floor to refresh the look of a room. But sometimes, you don't want to rip up the existing floor first.

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Carpet to tile

We're often asked if installing a carpet over the tile is possible. Of course, the answer is "yes," There are many reasons why this question comes up and why homeowners might choose to go with carpet flooring.

Maybe the tiles are outdated, broken, and dingy, so the homeowner wants to update the house. They might choose carpet for warmth, comfort, the non-skid surface, and cushioning against hard falls.

A job only for professionals

If you choose to do this, know it is a challenging process. Therefore, it shouldn't be attempted by a DIYer.

This is like installing over concrete, so you'll need a professional who can troubleshoot and supervise the carpet flooring over tile installation.

First, you need to make sure the tiles are correctly installed. Tap them, and they're about to come off if you hear a hollow sound.
Broken or loose tiles need to be removed. Clean up all debris and level the subfloor.

It's best to use an underlay. The best carpets are those with a twist pile, like the frieze, which will hide imperfections.

Thin, flat, tightly woven rugs are less forgiving. If there are any height issues, ask about multi-purpose transition strips. Our professional installers will guide you when you enter our carpet store in Wilsonville, OR, or Portland, OR.

Once it?s done, it?s done!

Know that you can't go back to the pre-existing floor. When you install carpet, the tile edges will become damaged.
If you want a temporary solution, you can lay the carpet over the subfloor. Don't use adhesives or nails.

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