Carpet installation in a modern Vancouver home

How to choose the best carpet

Carpet is a fantastic floor covering that works splendidly in various spaces, especially with small children in the home. But there is a perfect combination of attributes that will work best for you, and we?d like to tell you how to find them in today?s post.

The best carpet is closer than you think

The most important thing to consider when choosing excellent carpet flooring is the amount of traffic it will experience. For bedrooms and studies, this level may be low, while living rooms and hallways will see a great deal of traffic in an average home.

Some fibers, such as polyester and nylon, offer excellent protection for both stains and wear. Still, you can also opt for brands that manufacture stain and odor protection into the fibers of their products. This is a great option, as the outstanding protection will never wear or wash away, leaving you with great-looking floors for years to come.

Once you have the floor covering with the durability you need, you can move on to the extensive color and design options that will create the perfect match for any d?cor. Be sure to stop by anytime to speak with a flooring professional about additional options, benefits, and carpet installation so you know what to expect.

We help you choose the best carpet

At Marion?s Carpet & Flooring Warehouses, we work hard to ensure your very best flooring, no matter how many rooms you have to floor. We work alongside you, making sure all your needs and preferences are matched with the best materials and services possible.

We cater to Wilsonville, Beaverton, Portland, Vancouver, and Lake Oswego, all from our showrooms in Wilsonville and Portland, OR. If you're looking for a carpet store in Portland, OR, that caters to your specific requirements, be sure to stop by to speak with one of our flooring professionals today about the best carpet for your home.