Durable carpet installation in a Vancouver, OR home

How long does carpet last?

often last up to 15 years or more, depending on quality, fiber, and how well you maintain the carpet installation. Even the subfloor's condition plays a part, especially if it's wet where mold and mildew can telegraph up to the surface floor and wreak havoc.

One of the biggest causes of premature replacement, aside from quality, is selecting the wrong carpet for your needs. For example, if you're installing in a high foot traffic room but select a rug that's meant for low traffic areas like the bedroom, it won't last as long as you'd like.

Signs it?s time to replace your carpet

1.Dullness and matting. Sometimes the carpet stays flat because of normal wear and tear, making it just worn out. Another cause, however, is the lack of professional cleaning. As a result, the rug will always seem dirty when continually ignored, no matter how often you try to clean it.

2.Stains and fading. We?re big believers in professional cleaning; if you don?t, stains will set.

Fading and even color changes happen when installing direct sunlight and no adequate window coverings in a room. You should also explore the inventory at our carpet store in Portland, OR, to see our collection of PureColor, solution-dyed fibers, SmartStrand lines, and Karastan's Delicate Path.

3.Unpleasant odors. Either professional cleaning was neglected, and now the dirt is embedded and trapped in fibers, or it was cleaned but not dried sufficiently; mold and mildew have started to grow. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence among non-professionals who try to DIY it with rental steam machines that you find in supermarkets.

Why you need to keep an eye on padding

When the carpet gets wet, so does the padding and, when not dried sufficiently, mold and mildew will start growing. Keep in mind that padding fibers wear out sooner than the rug, and one of its main jobs is to protect the soft surface from the bare floor. When the carpet bears the entire brunt of foot traffic and constantly rubs against the floor, you'll see holes and torn fibers.

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