Installing hardwood flooring in a Portland, OR home

How is hardwood flooring installed?

There are two versions of hardwood flooring, solid and engineered. The only difference between the two is the construction, which has no impact on aesthetics but influences functionality and installation. The installation is an integral part of any flooring, affecting appearance, performance, longevity, and even, to some extent, budget, so it's vital to think about it when selecting flooring.

Installing solid hardwood flooring

There's only one way, and we explain to customers that complete installation could take a week or more because of the application of several coats of finishes. Each coat must be thoroughly dry before the next can be applied and, if hurried, you'll end up with bumps, bubbles, and debris.

With solid hardwood, the boards are fitted together in a tongue and groove, and then it is nailed down, with stains and finishes applied. The subfloor may require extensive restoration or even perhaps replacement, with moisture readings taken frequently; as most of us know, wood flooring can warp, cup and crown when exposed to moisture.

It is generally not recommended to install over a concrete subfloor since they are damp, but many homes are built on concrete slabs. If you still want to proceed, we'll use vapor barriers and other preventative measures. Our goal is to give you a quality, craftsman-like hardwood flooring installation.

Installing engineered wood floors

This one also offers the floating floor technique. Pieces click together, then hover over a subfloor without nails or glue. Because of the construction, it's stable and better able to handle water, so installing over concrete is fine.

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